Forward Thinking Berlin

The non-profit association Forward Thinking Berlin e.V. dedicates itself to the social and ecological issues of our future and especially to the ideas and projects of young, committed people who provide answers to these questions. The purpose of the association is the comprehensive support of these projects through all important steps: from the ideation and concept optimisation to the implementation, to which the association’s partners contribute decisively.

This purpose materialises primarily in the Impact Labs. This event series aims to build a community and a network of young visionaries looking to make a positive change in the world. They bring together initiators of an idea or a project; young, committed visionaries; and experts from different fields. Together, they join forces to discuss, expand and optimize the initiators’ projects and help them solve their challenges.

After the event, the association’s network of partners, coaches and decision makers provides a valuable assistance on the way to achieving the initiators’ goals. In this process, Forward Thinking Berlin e.V. sees itself as a mediator and reference at the same time

Statutes of the association (German)

Patrick Galm
Sponsoring, Communication & Administration

Dominic Leutert
Project coordination & Partnerships

Carla Ulrich
Communication & IT

The continual transgression of our planet’s limits poses a great challenge to mankind. The young generation might be the first generation that could, within a very short time, end what is perhaps the worst humanitarian catastrophe ever – global hunger. But it is also the last generation that can prevent the ecological collapse of our planet.

It’s time for visions and ideas – but many young people have the feeling that they’re not allowed to have a say in the shaping of our future. They don’t dare to present their ideas on a big stage, let alone expand and implement them. The fear of failure is great, as is the apprehension not to be taken seriously by decision makers. For this reason, these ideas often do not reach the public.
Three students of the Bachelor’s degree Media Management specializing in Music & Event have set themselves the goal to offer these young people a platform: one on which they can present themselves and their ideas in a protected environment, at eye level with their audience and with the professional guidance of a coach. This resulted in the project Forward Thinking Berlin.