For initiators

How do I apply?
In order to apply, you just need to fill out this form until April 8 at the latest. We’re looking forward to hearing your idea!
I am a supplier of a product or service which I would like to present. Is this possible?
We only want business pitches in the field of social entrepreneurship. The criteria is ecological, economical and social sustainability.
Can I apply as a team?
Yes, you can. Choose one person in your group as your contact person who will do the registration and add the names of the other group members in the description.
What are the deadlines?
The call for participation has begun on January 8, 2018. You have time until April 8 to submit your proposal.
How do I know if my submission has been accepted?
Our association evaluates the submissions and makes a pre-selection. The chosen ideas will be gradually announced online and presented briefly again at the event. There, the participants will decide by vote which of them are kept and worked on collectively. If your idea is part of the pre-selection, you will receive more information on how to prepare yourself and what we have planned for the event.
Does Forward Thinking Berlin cover my travel and accommodation costs if I'm not from Berlin?
Unfortunately, our budget doesn’t allow that for the moment.
How do the participants get to know my idea?
We will gradually announce the pre-selected ideas on our website and in our newsletter. Detailed information will also be included in the program booklet. On the day of the event, you are given a 3 to 5 minute timeframe to briefly remind the participants of your project in the form of a quick lecture, a presentation or a short video.
How does the subsequent development of my idea work together with the audience?
The audience splits up and a team of 20-40 people dedicates itself to each idea. In the first round, they’ll give you feedback together with our experienced coach. Both positive and negative feedback will be included. In the second round, the team will give you recommendations for action: e.g. how the idea could be taken further, which financing options are available, which channels would be wise to use in order to reach your target group, which partners would be valuable and the like. Throughout the process, you will take on the role of a non-judgmental observer and contact person. In the end, 20-40 people will have thought over and optimized your idea. You will have received constructive feedback generated by the team and many new suggestions. As you continue your idea after the event, it will be up to you to decide which feedback you accept and which person from the team you’ll possibly take with you.
What happens with my data?
We take data privacy very seriously, that’s why we don’t use services such as Google Analytics or Facebook Pixel on our website. Your data will remain private, and would only be made available to third parties with your explicit consent. Furthermore, you can read in our privacy policy which data we store and for what purpose we use it.

For everyone

When and were does the event take place?
The event will take place the whole afternoon on April 28, 2018. The location will be announced soon.
How much does it cost?
The event is free both for the initiators and for the participants.

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