As an initiator

Do you have an innovative idea which can improve your existence or the future of all in a sustainable way? Do you need support, opinions and criticism? Are you in need of that next step in order to implement your idea? Then share your vision by becoming an initiator at our event! You must be a student or younger than 30 years old. Your idea/vision should be focused on making the world a better place – on a large or a small scale. You can apply here April 8, 2018. Your project should revolve around issues such as:

  • cultural coexistence
  • climate change
  • preservation or enhancement of democracy
  • social entrepreneurship
  • technological progress.

The focus lies on sustainability. You can also present an idea that you’ve developed over the course of your Bachelor or Master’s thesis.

As a mentor

Although you don’t have a tangible idea or plan for action yet, your beliefs are pushing you to take a step forward, fight for change, make a difference? Giving constructive and honest feedback is your thing? You believe in the potential of smart minds working together, of the fruitful synergy of different opinions, experiences, ideas? Then we invite you to become a part of the collective intelligence of the community. The ideas may come from the initiators, but it will be your valuable contribution that will strengthen, grow them and take them further.

What to expect from our Impact Lab:

  • Become part of a community of young, committed people who share your vision of a positive, sustainable society
  • Support projects with impact with your input and help them to solve their challenges
  • Get networking and find the team that’s looking for someone just like you
  • Speak to initiatives, organisations, associations and professionals at our Impact Bazar