What do we do with this smart new world that has more plastic than fish swimming in its oceans? What do we do when peace, justice and solidarity seem nice, but just not as nice as power and profit? The answer is simple - Stop talking and start acting by supporting good ideas!

On April 28, 2018, we’re creating a space for exactly those ideas to unfold. Our Impact Lab #1 brings together initiators of an idea or a project; young, committed visionaries; and experts from different fields. Together, they join forces to discuss, expand and optimize the initiators’ projects and help them solve their challenges. Each of the participants contributes actively, makes the projects grow and takes them further.

After the event, our association and our network of partners, coaches and decision makers provide a valuable assistance on the way to achieving the initiators’ goals. Individual coaching is offered by our partners Project Together, Die Neuen. Rethink, Personal Identity and Thaler/Rehor.

You want to act, not talk? Become a part of the Impact Labs!