Karl & Calle

Eat That – Das Magazin

designing to draw attention to the questions and problems of our world

We are designers who want to use their communication skills to strengthen people’s self-efficacy. Advertising should not sell harmful products, but make social and ecological thinking a trend. We want to found a think tank that drives this change of perspective.

As a first project we would like to publish a bi-annual magazine that presents artistic positions around the topic of food, its production and consumption. With food, a lot of money is earned in the wrong places. We want to use visual design to draw attention to the questions and problems of our world. As different as cultures and ideologies may be, food is the archetype of communality and its symbolism unites all people. The artistic works can deal with various perspectives: land grabbing, water scarcity, consumption, pollution, advertising but also innovations and traditions, or portraits of organizations or individuals as well as odes to nature. The magazine will also include lyrical or scientific texts (from the fields of philosohy, sociology, anthropology).

The artists can submit their work online and a guest juror curates the selection that will be published in a print/online magazine.

This project is still in its ideation phase, the implementation hasn’t yet begun.