Omar Khairy, Janis Englert

Food for Others

Creating an easy way to donate food to those in need

Restaurants donating food to homeless people sounds as easy as apple pie. Yet, they often find themselves in a pickle. Since the food has already been served before, restaurants fear they might be held liable if anything is wrong with it. Distributing food also requires time, planning and money. So a lot of them just don’t go through with it. Food for Others has found a new way to bring food to those in need; using the resources of the numerous Berlin-based food delivery startups and a little help from us consumers.

Whenever we order food online, everything from soup to nuts, we often find that restaurants require a minimum charge. A price often higher than the total of our desired order. We then either cancel the order or add unnecessary items. What if we use the difference to give someone else something to eat? After all, half a loaf is better than none. The restaurant then packs the orders separately and the courier delivers the food to us and to a homeless person the same day. For companies with couriers cycling through city streets all the time, going the extra mile to bring homeless people food is a piece of cake.

This project is still in its ideation phase and the implementation hasn’t yet begun.