Jakob Wolski

Heading to Infinity

Let’s Elevate Social Entrepreneurship

Infinity Deutschland is a nationwide student network for social entrepreneurship, which acts an idea incubator for self-determined and responsible activities/decisions/actions in our society and economy.

Our three-pillar concept of talks, workshops and social entrepreneurship builds the foundation for our educational approach: “LEARN – DEVELOP – APPLY”. We organize talks by contemporary pioneers to raise awareness for both current challenges and opportunities in the field of sustainability. Hands-on workshops with experts enable us to expand our knowledge and solution expertise. Finally, our own entrepreneurial projects foster sustainable innovations with an enduring impact locally.

Our first regional group – Infinity Mannheim – was founded in 2015. With the founding of Infinity Deutschland as an umbrella association last August, we strive to create a network to empower young thinkers at universities all over Germany. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment which enables our members to foster and exchange their ideas in order to achieve a long-lasting impact.

We bring forth a new generation of visionaries and decision-makers, who equally pursue economic, social and environmental goals – and manage the ManWoman power to execute further social entrepreneurship projects.

Let’s Make Sustainability Great Again!