Margherita Sgorbissa

International Women Hub Berlin

creating an international, feminist, open and inclusive space dedicated to helping women grow

The International Women Hub Berlin is a project that intends to create a physical and virtual space in Berlin for every individual who identifies as a woman. The International Women Hub Berlin would like to give women in Berlin an international, feminist, intersectional, open and inclusive space where they can meet, connect and network but also learn more about the city and develop new skills to improve their career or their quality of life in Berlin, find help in case of issue (settle in Berlin, relocational issues, language issues, mental issue, relationship issues, family and children issues…), get coaching sessions to develop a better understanding about their chances and paths in Berlin, access a mentoring program for specific topics and feel part of a community that would ideally be able to empower, support and assist them through their journey in the city.

The International Women Hub Berlin may become a meeting point not only for women (as private individuals) but also for other centres and institutes, associations or groups, for all the realities in Berlin that offer their time and effort for women. The IWHB can become a space for sharing and connecting, get together and develop through an empowering network a better support for all the women (Germans, expats, refugees, women of every age, backgrounds, etc…) living (in) the city.

This project is still in its ideation phase and the implementation hasn’t yet begun.