Eva Maier, Elena Winter, Jamie Knecht


revolutionising the takeaway food business

karma2go’s simple deposit system makes it possible to order food at the Indian, Italian or Chinese restaurant of your choice without creating garbage.

The system is simple: instead of plastic and polystyrene, the food is packaged in the karma2go box and loaned to the consumer for a deposit. It can be returned to any participating restaurant (the box is not bought, only borrowed – an online-shop is planned in later stages). In addition, the customers can use the karma2go app to easily map the locations of the participating restaurants – and in the same time the restaurant owners have an attractive advertising platform. karma2go comes entirely without styrofoam, plastic and aluminum foil and uses stainless steel as material instead. However, the reusable box is not an ordinary stainless steel box, but a stackable Tiffin box (Indian lunch box). It is intelligently designed, scalable, multifunctional and looks really chic as well.

This project is still in its ideation phase, the implementation hasn’t yet begun.