Alyah Sallah Hassan

Side by Sigh

connecting the lonely elder generation and young refugees

Side by Sigh has the potential of solving two distant societal issues by combining them.

On the one hand, a large part of the elder generation does not feel included in present day practices and suffers from harsh exclusion and loneliness. On the other hand, there’s the the continuing struggle of refugees’ integration to German society.

Side by Sigh is a platform that matches local elders and refugee youth by their interests and skills. The match is then followed by organised meetings where both parties get to spend time together in their chosen way. The idea is to create a beneficial relationship for both individuals: elders could offer young refugees help with administrative challenges, but also emotional support through of a family-like companionship and a feeling of acceptance by their host society. The lonely elders would find a new meaningful purpose that fulfills them. They would get a chance to learn about the cultures their country is hosting, which results in more tolerant attitude.

This project is still in its ideation phase, the implementation hasn’t yet begun.