Franziska Wießörtel, Monja Müller


Sustainable development in South India through agroforestry, environmental education and green energy

Toranam is a joint project of the Indian NGO Movement for Rural Emancipation, students of the TU Munich and the Organization Technik ohne Grenzen e.V.

The aim is to set up an economic and educational center with a demonstration farm for ecological agroforestry in South India. The background is the ongoing wave of suicides committed by indebted Indian peasants, caused by the dependency on expensive, non-replicable seeds of large agro-chemical companies, and declining yields due to climate change.

The Demonstration Farm and the Environmental Education Center will become a meeting point for all interested farmers, students and others. In addition to workshops and seminars on the topics of sustainable agriculture, climate change and environmental protection, a digitized e-learning concept video workshops should extend the participants’ familiarization with what they have learned.

Scientific research has been carried out over the last year to determine the quality of the soil, to analyze the market and to be able to accurately assess the situation of the local farmers.

In October 2017, the project was officially launched and the first 70 trees were planted. In addition to the expansion of the acreage, the construction of a plant nursery and many workshops, the installation of a solar system and measures for rain retention are planned for this year.