Photo: © Kolping / Barbara Bechtloff

Hannah Bornemann, Fee-Aurora Winkler

Zero Waste & No Plastic

an initiative to educate pupils about environmental protection

Zero Waste & No Plastic is an initiative founded by two pupils aiming to promote the education against pollution and climate change.

In four seminars from grades 3 to 10, they come to schools and form pupils as environmental scouts, based on their research work at the WWF 2°Campus and the resulting independently designed didactic concept. The environmental scouts will serve as multipliers for environmental protection and will exchange among each other. One of the initiators’ goals is to set up an alumni network for the environmental scouts and achieve a snowball effect.

Their seminars give the opportunity:

  • to raise awareness about environmental protection among pupils of all ages.
  • to arouse interest by detaching from typical school topics.
  • to learn the principles of scientific work.