Daniel Wahrenberger

We’re very pleased to inform you that the experienced and passionate coach Daniel Wahrenberger will be guiding the idea and project development at our event. Originally from Switzerland, he’s been advising and coaching international managers and teams for over 15 years. He mainly works in the entrepreunarial field, counseling management positions and leaders, but above all it’s his competences in team and idea coaching that will be put to good use.

His strengths

Daniel Wahrenberger thinks positively and proactively. Sensitivity and knowledge of human nature are reasons for his success, but above all, his clients and partners appreciate him for his honesty. In his criticism, he does not shy away from the confrontation with unpleasant truths – but he remains benevolent and fair. We’re looking forward to his contribution at our event, whether it be challenging discussions, encouraging words or questions that make you think twice and change perspectives set in stone. We’re confident that he will spur the teams to their full potential.

His background

He took his first steps into his international career during his academic education, which he completed at business and language schools in Switzerland, England and the United States. Various training courses in communication, project management and leadership have provided him valuable skills that will prove useful both in his role as a team coach and in his advisory position. He’s had the occasion to test his working methods in several large companies and we are curious to see what will happen this time.