Become an initiator!

Do you have an innovative idea, project, social start-up, initiative or campaign which can improve your existence or the future of all in a sustainable way? Do you need support, opinions and criticism? Are you in need of that next step in order to implement your idea? Then share your vision by becoming an initiator at our event! You must be a student or younger than 30 years old. Your idea/vision should be focused on making the world a better place – on a large or a small scale. You can register your idea here until April 8, 2018. Your project should revolve around issues such as:

  • cultural coexistence
  • climate change
  • preservation or enhancement of democracy
  • social entrepreneurship
  • technological progress.

The focus lies on sustainability. You can also present an idea that you’ve developed over the course of your Bachelor or Master’s thesis.

About the process

Our association evaluates the submissions and makes a pre-selection. The chosen ideas will be presented online, in our newsletter and in the programme booklet. At the event, we give each initiator a 5 minute timeframe to briefly remind the participants of his/her project in the form of a quick lecture, a presentation or a short video. The participants will then decide by a vote which of these ideas get to be worked on collectively.

In the Impact Lab

The audience splits up and a team of 20-40 people dedicates itself to each idea. Together with an experienced coach and invited experts from different fields, they will dedicate themselves to your idea during two sessions, giving you feedback, recommendations for action and optimization suggestions. You will set the focus of this collaborative work, based on your current challenges and problems where you need the most help. Throughout the process, you will take on the role of a non-judgmental observer and contact person.

After the Impact Lab

With the precious input from this collective intelligence, your project can take its next steps. Our association will carry it to the public and accompany you in the further implementation. Our network of partners, coaches and decision makers will stand by our side. Our partners from startnext offer a premium coaching on crowdfunding; Personal Identity Berlin will help you build a brand and DIE NEUEN. design a communication strategy. Furthermore Thaler & Rehor offers a presentation and speaker coaching and Project Together accompanies you on the long term.

Any questions?

Have a look at our FAQs or get in touch with us here.