The continual transgression of our planet’s limits poses a great challenge to mankind. The young generation might be the first generation that could, within a very short time, end what is perhaps the worst humanitarian catastrophe ever – global hunger. But it is also the last generation that can prevent the ecological collapse of our planet.

It’s time for visions and ideas – but many young people have the feeling that they’re not allowed to have a say in the shaping of our future. They don’t dare to present their ideas on a big stage, let alone expand and implement them. The fear of failure is great, as is the apprehension not to be taken seriously by decision makers. For this reason, these ideas often do not reach the public.
Three students of the Bachelor’s degree Media Management specializing in Music & Event have set themselves the goal to offer these young people a platform: one on which they can present themselves and their ideas in a protected environment, at eye level with their audience and with the professional guidance of a coach. This resulted in the project Forward Thinking Berlin. Read on to get to know the three students behind the project:

About the team

Patrick: 26 years old, the motivator and man of action with a strong can-do attitude. He is the driving force of the project and “just does it” – but always in a very conscious and skilled manner. He’s able to establish a connection with any human being and lifts everyone up with his conviction and dynamism. He knows how to create emotions and get through to people. For this reason, he’s also the main responsible for the sponsoring and program planning. An unconventional thinker, he sometimes takes on surprising (political) positions, but still astonishes by his thoughtful approach.

Carla: 21 years old, the bright brain. She gratuated from high school in France with a flawless A+. In spite of her tender age, she impresses with extreme mental maturity and trumps with her general knowledge. Her strongest field is philosophy, which explains the way she reflects each of her own actions critically, striving for improvement at all times. She follows world affairs with a vigilant eye and is very interested in sociology and political science. That’s why you’ll meet her almost weekly at lectures, discussions and forums. She is the main responsible for our website and writes our texts (except for this one!).

Dominic: 27 years old, the skilled coordinator. He took over the organizational role in the project. An efficient supervisor, he always has an overview of the schedule, the status of each task and the overall finances. As a fresh and always tired father, he’s quite irritable and quick to bang his fist on the table if the team gets unproductive or if deadlines are missed – which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but rather increases efficiency and focus. He’s very honest and gives valuable feedback. Apart from the general organization, he’s responsible for the contact with the foundations and NGOs.